Email Assignments

Whilst live webcam slave training is indeed encouraged to ensure you progress well in your submissive journey, I also offer slaves the chance to be trained via email. 

When you choose to be trained by email; I will send you weekly assignments which will include a list of tasks for you to complete. These tasks will be specifically tailored to your particular fetish interests, to ensure you enjoy learning more about the art of submission, especially when it comes to your favourite kinks.

Each set of tasks are to be completed by you in their entirety. It doesn't matter if I choose a difficult task for you. You must always ensure you give you very best effort to please your Mistress. This means you are to complete each task as set out in the assignment.

In addition to completing each task; you will be expected to provide photographic evidence of your efforts. In some cases; I may even require you provide video evidence; such is the way I can not only assess your progress, but humiliate your ridiculousness as well.

In ALL cases; you will be expected to write a full report on completing each task. You will be expected to provide as much detail as possible, including how much you did or didn't enjoy any particular task and why, the effect each task had on you, and any difficulties you encountered. 

You can expect to be penalised for any reports which do not meet My expectations. This means proof-reading BEFORE sending, is an absolute MUST. There is no room for error when it comes to serving Me; including in any written tasks I order you to complete.

Each assignment comes with a deadline of 7 days. At the end of those 7 days; I will expect you to not only have completed each task, but also to have taken all your photographs, written your full report and sent it all to Me. Late assignments are NOT tolerated and I will impose a fine for each day they are late. The longer you wait to fulfil your obligations; the more it will cost you. 


JOI/Tease & Denial/Edging
Fetish Exploration
Line Writing
Corporal Punishment
Dildo Training
Maid Training
Forced Bi
Sleep Deprivation
Nipple Torture
​Anal Training

Email Assignments are priced at £11 each. The fee is to be paid via Amazon gift voucher to

If you desire to serve Me in this manner, you may contact Me by clicking HERE.